"Without Cat Tales (Zoological Training Center), I may have made it in the zoo world, but I certainly would not appreciate what hard work and dedication it takes to be a quality zookeeper."

Lindsey Jolliffe

Graduate 2010

"I have had the most life changing experiences while working at Cat Tales.  The school may be tough, but you learn skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  I can't thank this shool enough for teaching me how to be a zookeeper and letting me form relationships with all of the amazing cats there."

Ashlee Betche

Graduate 2011

"I wish I could still be there. I truly miss those days. Thanks to Cat Tales for teaching so much and allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful world. I feel blessed by my time there. Blood, sweat and tears never outweighed the joy, love and dedication."

Ally Studer

"I just want to let you know Debbie and Mike that you guys are always in my thoughts. My training with you has been invaluable over the many years of my work with the animals."

Donna Wilson