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[May 22, 2014]

Farewell Old Friend

After 15 years as part of the Cat Tales family, we lost a wonderful feline friend, Thor to heart failure.  Thor, born at Cat Tales, will be missed by our former and present staff, visitors, and friends.  

[April 10, 2013]

Farewell Old Friends

Cat Tales said good-bye to two of its animal family this last Friday.

Ellf, the African Serval, and Sadie, the rescued Pit Bull both moved on in the circle of life.

Ellf (Extremely Lucky Little Feline) was born at the Zoo in July of 2000. Her mother, Pogo, was new at the mothering task and began by dropping her newborn kitten from atop a 12 foot high platform. The new baby Serval, was taken into the Zoo nursery to examine and the decision was made (if she recovered from her dramatic entry into the world) to have the Zoo Staff hand raise her. During her first 6 weeks of life, she “died” six times and was revived by the very dedicated Staff and Veterinarian who worked 24 hours a day trying to give her a fair shot at life. Those events are what lead to her receiving her name.

Sadie, the Pitt Bull was brought to the Zoo by the Founder’s daughter who found the dog abandoned almost four years ago when she was returning from a field biology project in Southern California. Sadie was near starvation, lost and lonely. The veterinarian estimated her to be between 8 and 10 years old when she received her first physical here at Cat Tales.

They will both be dearly missed.

[January 20, 2013]

We are pleased to announce that we have finally added PayPal as an option for donation payments to our website.  Winter time months prove to be financially challenging at the zoo, with decreases in attendance in increases in operating costs.  Your tax deductable donation can make a difference.  Check out our shiney new PayPal Donation button, and relish in the good feelings and great karma that come with your donation to Cat Tales Zoological Park.  Donate now!

[December 20, 2012]

Recently we said goodbaye to one of our beloved cats, Kalki.  Kalki was a North Chinese Leopard, whose name means "Destroyer of the Universe" which certainly fit Kalki's personality most of the time.  She was 21 years old, which means she had quite a long life for a leopard in captivity.  Kalki came to live with us from a retired trainer, Faye Gordon, a close friend of the Cat Tales Zoological Park Directors.  Faye was also a dear friend and personally worked with Sigfried and Roy for many years.  Known for their elaborate magic shows in Las Vegas, Sigfried and Roy own the largest collection of White Bengal Tigers in the world.

A few years before Kalki came to Cat Tales, her story began.  Roy's Golden Leopard, Sasha, was was diagnosed with tumors and she was expected to pass away.  Faye purchased Kalki for Roy to ease the loss of his dear Sasha.  Sasha continued to live for two more years during which time Kalki stayed with Faye. As a result, Kalki did not “socialize” with many other animals or people other than Faye during this time.  When Sasha did pass Roy and Faye realized that Kalki would not be a workable cat for Roy.  Because of Faye’s failing health, Kalki needed to be placed in a new home.  Out of all the homes which Faye could have chosen, Cat Tales is the place she wanted her “baby” to be.

Kalki died in her sleep on Saturday - December 15, 2012 of Congestive Heart Failure, resulting from Liver Cancer.  She will be missed by her Cat Tales family.

[October 20, 2012]

Cat Tales would like to invite all of you Boos and Ghouls out there to join us on Sunday - October 28 for our annual event, BOO At the ZOO!  Join us for a spooktacular day of fun for the whole family.  Wear a costume and trick or treat from our zoo staff.  (*no masks please, as they can cause anxiety in the animals).  Then enjoy the fun when feeding time rolls around, and the animals get their Halloween themed dinners, delievered in Jack o' Lanterns.  We hope to scare, ahem, SEE you there!

[September 20, 2012]

Recently the question was raised on our Facebook Page regarding ADA compliance with service/companion animals on zoo property.  Cat Tales has always complied with the ADA laws.  This recent discussion has encouraged us to put our policy and proceedures regarding service/companion animals into a clear, written format which can now be found on our websites, as well as available in printed format for guests visiting the zoo.  We included a liability release to be signed by guests bringing a service/companion animal on zoo property, given the unique nature of our business and the effects that visiting animal could have on our animal collection and guests.  We welcome any questions you may have on this matter, and once again would like to reaffirm that we strive to accomodate and provide a one of a kind, special experience to all of our guests.

[May 1, 2012]

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest zoo inhabitant, ___________.  This handsome lion cub arrived after a 2117 mile, 35 hour, 38 minute drive from Sandusky, Ohio to the zoo.  Our Zoo Directors and fellow keeper Andy Goldfard (currently of Point Defiance Zoo) drove through torrential storms, narrowly avoiding a tornado by 1/4 mile, to bring this rescue to his new home at Cat Tales Zoological Park.  The lion cub is just over three months old, and weighs 35 lbs.

As our way to say thank you to our countless supporters, visitors, and fans of Cat Tales for your support, we invited all of you to vote on one of five names for this little guy.  Winning name was announced Friday - May 18th.  Meet, SAMIR!  Thank you to everyone who voted.

He made his first television appearance on KHQ soon after arriving at the Zoo after a 35 hour road trip from Sandusky, Ohio  

.....and a second news appearance at the KHQ studios on May 9th.  

[March 2012]

This month we said farewell to one of our longtime zoo inhabitants, Ali (a.k.a. Prince Ali Alahabad).  Ali was born at Cat Tales in 1993, and was one of a little of five tigers born to parents Lily & Stoli.  Five is considered to be a uniquely large numbe or cubs in one litter, which made the birth of Ali and his brothers and sisters even more special.  Sadly the "runt" of the litter, Sitara, passed away a few weeks after her birth.  Ali's "celebrity" brother, Jaipur, moved to a facility in Californina and starred in such films as Gladiator & Two Brothers.  His sister Jasmine went to another zoo in the United States.  Ali and his sister Ceylon grew up at the zoo, and became a much loved part of the Cat Tales family.  Many students ang guests over the years have a special place in their hearts for our sweet Prince Ali, and we share your saddness at his passing.  Yet we can still celebrate the love, smiles, and magnificence that he brough to all our lives.  We miss you, Ali!

[February 2012]

World renown artist Victor Douieb recently visited Cat Tales Zoological Park as part of his study and research for his current sculpture, a leaping tiger.  He spent his initial days at the Zoo observing the animals, getting to know how they moved, observing their behaviors, and letting the animals become familiar with his presence and voice.  Before his visit was over he was granted the rare opportunity to have carefully supervised interaction with a couple of the tigers, to help him become more familiar with the musculature of these amazing animals.  To learn more about his visit to the Zoo, and see his amazing artwork by visiting his web site, click the links below.

KHQ Interview with Victor & Cat Tales Director

Victor talks about his visit to Cat Tales

Victor Douieb main site

[January 2012]

At long last our Gift Shop is fully renovated and open for business!  After hours and days of tedious work, the laying out over 23,000 + rocks (or more - lost track eventually) into the floor of the 900+ square foot room the flooring is finished.  Our thanks to (You Don't Know) Jack of All Trades for their exceptional work creating the beautiful new Gift Shop flooring, followed by installing new cabinets, lighting, drywall, and more.  Then came the fun job of setting up displays, sorting and stocking the merchandise, and opening the doors on this new Zoo project.  The new Gift Shop also features big cat fine art as well as souvenir favorites such as t-shirts and stuffed animals.  You will also get to visit our avian collection who make the Gift Shop their home. We welcome our visitors to stop by and see the amazing new look, while shopping for your perfect Zoo souvenir.