Cat Tales Zoological Park is proud to be an accessible facility and does allow service animals, accompanied by their owner(s) which they are providing the service for access to the Zoo site. In consideration of the health and welfare of the Cat Tales Zoological Park animal collection and enjoyment of other guests, service animals are permitted under specified conditions, following certain procedures (as listed below), and in most areas of the Zoo, with occasional exceptions as noted below and except all non-public work areas. Please note that Cat Tales Zoological Park does enforce a general By-law that does not permit pets on the Zoo grounds. Please review the following carefully and contact Guest Services with any questions or concerns at (509)238-4126.


  • Cat Tales Zoological Park is committed to providing excellent service for all our guests. A Zoo Volunteer or staff member may accompany guests with a service animal on site. To ensure staff availability and to help plan your visit it is helpful (but not mandatory),  if you pre-book with Guest Services at least 24 hours prior to your visit by calling (509)238-4126 with the following information:

    • Visitor Name:
    • Service Animal description:
    • Day/Date of visit:
    • Estimated time of arrival:
    • Estimated length of stay:

  • Upon arrival at Cat Tales Zoological Park with a service animal, we ask that you immediately alert zoo staff so we can ensure that our procedures are followed, for the safety and health of our animal collection, as well as that of your service animal. 

  • Staff shall not ask for proof of a person’s disability or proof that the animal accompanying them is a service animal.  Cat Tales Zoological Park staff should be aware that service animals may be of many sizes and breeds.

  • Please note that service animals that display evidence of illness or conditions that could affect the health of Cat Tales Zoological Park animal collection may not be permitted access to the Zoo for the health and safety our animals.** 

  • Guests with service animals are allowed access to the majority of the public areas of the Zoo site, with the occasional, temporary exception of some public areas.  Such sensitive areas and/or times at the Zoo where the presence of service animals should be restricted may include, but are not limited to:  new arrivals/additions to our animal collection, new births, when animals are on lead outside of exhibits, when transferring animals from one exhibit to another.  Under these occasional, temporary times, guests with service animals will not be permitted in these public areas.**  Please note all visitors are not permitted in the Zoo's service and non-public areas.  Service animals shall remain in public areas only and shall not be permitted access to non-public or restricted areas unless accompanied by an employee escort as approved by the appropriate supervisor.  However, an employee with disabilities requiring the assistance of a service animal may work in such areas as approved by the appropriate supervisor, Department Head, or Deputy Director.

  • All Zoo exhibits should be approached slowly to give the Zoo animals time to react to the presence of a service animal. For everyone's welfare, if an animal appears distressed or agitated the service or companion animal should be immediately moved further back or away from the exhibit completely.

  • If the service animal is causing a disturbance for the animals or other guests, the guest and accompanying service animal may be required to leave the area or the Zoo site.  If at any time the sight, sound, or scent of a service animal upsets zoo animals, causing them to become a danger to themselves or others, the zoo has the right to remove the service animal from the area. **

  • The animal owner is responsible to immediately clean up any and all waste from their service animal.

  • Service animals must be in the company of the guest who requires their assistance for their disability.  Service animals must be under control with leash, harness, or other appropriate containment, at all times.  Animal owner is responsible for the care and conduct of their animal while on zoo property.

**If the guest prefers to leave the service animal at Guest Services, staff will ensure that the service animal receives appropriate care.

Cat Tales Zoological Park Accessible Guest Service Policy, Procedures and Practices have been developed to fulfill the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. This document is available upon request at Guest Services. For more information about accessibility and special needs services, call (509)238-4126.    


Definition of Disabled

Under federal law, an individual is disabled if he/she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits on or more major life activities; has a record of such an impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment.  The term physical or mental impairment includes, but is not limited to, such diseases and conditions as orthopedic, visual, speech and hearing impediments, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection, mental retardation, emotional illness, drug addiction, and alcoholism.  This definition doesn’t include any individual who is currently using illegal drugs or is a current user of alcohol who poses a direct threat to property or safety [24 CFR 100.201]

For a PDF copy of this policy .