The animals at Cat Tales Zoological Park have come to live here from a number of different places.  Some of the felines were born at the zoo, some were placed from other facilities around the country, and others arrived as animal rescues who have found health and peace in their new home at Cat Tales.  All animals at Cat Tales are given the best possible care and compassion from our dedicated, knowledgeable keepers and staff.  Without facilities such as ours many of these animals would have been destroyed or found themselves stuck in the private sector with poor living conditions and inadequate care.  It is our honor and privilege to provide a home for these animals, and to educate the public to ensure the future of their species.

Visit our Adopt an Animal page to learn more about each of the animals currently living at the zoo, or come visit us in person for a guided tour filled with information about each species as well as the personal history of our animals.